Like a time-traveling voyeur privy to the most tormented moments of a man’s life, at times I almost felt compelled to avert my gaze.  THE LAST LIFEBOAT released me from its spell only when the play had ended, and honestly not even then. You will want to experience this magnificent and inspiring theatrical event. I hope you get the chance!”

– Vicki Paris Goodman, Signal Hill Tribune


"Imagine  the epic story of the drama behind the sinking of The Titanic, revealed with easy, minimal staging on a bare stage!  Luke Yankee has written a surging drama that is riveting, dramatic, educational and entertaining all at the same time.  'THE LAST LIFEBOAT' IS DESTINED TO BECOME A THEATRE CLASSIC! "

​– Rex Reed, syndicated columnist

YANKEE HAS CRAFTED A COMPELLING, FASCINATING PLAY that sheds light on a little-known personality whose life was integrally bound up in the White Star Line, the creation of the RMS Titanic, and the aftermath of the huge ship’s disastrous sinking.  Gripping for the entire journey, it evokes the period with an often visceral effect. This drama is a must-see for anyone intrigued by all things Titanic – or for anyone who realizes that the results of a split-second decision can be momentous and life-altering.”

– Eric Marchese, Orange County Register